In my head U_U

*this is just something that always playing in my head. so please , ignore it*

Lama lagi ka ? Sampai bila ? Are you decided to leave me already ? Hmm entah laa weyy. I can't stop thinking of you. Oh gosh , I miss you shoooooooooooooo much. It's okay I'm waiting. Just keep waiting and waiting waiting and waiting. Until when ? Ohh I will never know. Right ? HAHA -.- I'm crazy LOL v_v What's wrong with me ? Ohh please help me. I need a doctor ! Ehh jap , ada ka doktor sakit hati ? Ehh ? Lol. Weyy , aku gylaa. Give me a clap ! Haha SORANG !

Hmm , Are you ignoring me ? Ohh nevermind :'/ Please, re-read our old conversations. Just please. It was your fucking sweet words. Yes I blame you for everything. Hai. Remember how it started? It started with your "hai". And now what ? I dont want your replacement. Why are you doing this to me ? My weaknees is you. Yes you. How many times have you sat around thinking of the person you really like and wonder if they ever think of you too? I do it everyday. You are always in my mind. ALWAYS okay ? You know why I hate sleeping nowadays? Because I know I'll be seeing your face again and again and again.

Can you please stop playing with my feelings? Don't come and give me hopes and then leave just me like that. If you wanna leave me then , just leave me alone. Don't jeust stands there and give me hopes. You have no idea how much the pain you've caused to me, my heart and my mind. I'm begging, please :( Do you wanna know what is my problem ? My problem is, when I start to fall, I'll fall like really really hard :/ I thought you loved me. It seems like I'm wrong. You don;t love me. No matter what you done to me , I just can't hate you. People say , if you love someone , just let them go. Jyeaahh , I will let you go :')